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Strength in the Lord

My name is Miller Wick, and I finished my freshman year at the University of Alabama this past May. When I first came to UA, I was coming with only one other person from my high school, which can be a daunting thing on a campus of almost 40,000 people. I knew one thing that would get me through the transition to college would be finding a group of friends that would really push me to be a better person. I found that at the BCM, and I am extremely thankful for the group of people that I became friends with there.

It was still intimidating trying to acclimate to the new style of living, new class structure, and new…well, everything. Whenever I would feel bogged down by all the stress, it was comforting to remember Joshua 1:9 where God gives the command to “be strong and be courageous,” and He says that wherever we go He is with us! Knowing that God has commanded us to be strong and courageous was a real motivator in how I carried myself throughout the transitional period into college. It can be a hard thing to trust God in times where it seems you’re the only one on your own team, but I found the strength to do that this year and it was truly amazing.

If I had to give any advice it would be that if you can trust God to lead you in the right direction and to give you strength to keep going through all the rough times, He really will bring you through whatever comes your way! The BCM is a big part of that too. It’s a great place to surround yourself with other believers that will push to make your relationship with Christ stronger, which can be a difficult thing to find these days. I am forever thankful for what the BCM has done for me this year! Good luck and ROLL TIDE!!!!!

Miller Wick


Chattanooga, TN


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