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A Few Final Words

Y'all...our seniors graduate NEXT WEEK. What? Where did this year go? Since we have to say good-bye, we asked them to share some last words with us at Senior Night at Discovery Tuesday and decided to put them up on the blog, so they'll never be forgotten. Check out what some of them want you to know before they go, and y'all be sure to give them hugs before they walk across the stage next week!

"Don't be afraid to try new things and get out of your comfort zone. The best memories can come from it." // Emily Buster

“Gosh guys, love is so important. I am convinced we often don’t understand or exhibit sincere love, and I think really the only advice I can give you as I graduate is to pursue what sincere love looks like in your life. That applies to loving your family back home, the people around you, and God. Prayer is a pretty good start for sincere love. Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer (Rom 12:12), my friends! I think living in a Christian culture makes key phrases like “sincere love” and “persistent prayer” lose some meaning to us, but try to understand the inescapable value of meditating deeply on these two attributes. Pursue them continually.” // Cecilia Lee

“I really just love the i that you should examine your own actions to understand what you truly believe. If we really believe the Gospel, our actions should be moving towards Christ. What you think and how you act is often so disconnected.” // Garren Hatley

“Coming to college showed me that God is everywhere and not just at a cabin on a hill around a bonfire after a full day of learning about Jesus. A big thing God taught me was that I needed to get out of this comfort zone of hanging out with Christians and only doing Christian things. He showed me that it is okay to have lost friends, that it is okay to hang out with them and it is even better to share the Gospel with them. Opportunities are everywhere on this campus. Talk to the person next to you in class or sit with someone in the Ferg while you are eating. Have study sessions at your apartment for them and invest in them. God is working in them so keep investing and keep talking about the truth God has given you. Don't keep all that knowledge to yourself.” // Hannah Murray

"Some of the best memories in undergrad will come from the most random moments. You'll remember the little things the most because they all add up to be the big things (as cheesy as that sounds). Also, don't even try to plan your college experience (or your life) out. I had a complete plan coming into college that didn't even involve church, but 3 years and approximately 3,000 plans later, I still don't know what I'm doing (and I still have 2 years left here)...but God does. And we just have to trust that His plan is far greater than we could imagine." // Sydney Basden

"One main thing I learned in college: None of us actually have any idea what we're doing. It's a weird time. I've changed a lot in the last four years and learned a lot of things about myself. I've changed plans, goals, friends, majors, hair color, and a lot more. My advice would be to not be afraid of change. We're all figuring life out together and the Lord has so many plans that He usually won't fill you in on as soon as you like. So just trust that things will work out and that you'll probably learn a lot about yourself along the way - I did." // Kristen Wallace

“I think it’s easy to get distracted and think that we need to build up our spiritual resumes, but it’s impossible to on our own. It’s impossible to conjure up love, especially when you look at how 1 Corinthians 13 defines real love, so in order for what you do to have eternal positive worth, you’ve got to figure out what love is and how to love." // Elise Helton

“Don’t worry about how things are going to work out. Trust in God and His plan, knowing that His plans for you are greater than any plan you can conceive.” // Heath Stewart

"God has shown me so much through my years at UA. One thing I have strived to do in college is to see God in everything and remember His way is perfect. Also - never pass up an opportunity to say Roll Tide!" // Emily Bush

“Don’t be afraid to be uncomfortable. I feel like we, as college students, tend to get complacent in where we are, whether that be physically, spiritually, mentally, or emotionally. But, if we stay comfortable with where we are, how are we supposed to reach people who are different from us? How are we supposed to share God’s love to the ends of the earth if we stay in the same spot?" // Sara Beth Bolin

"Have fun. Life after college is scary and I'm not ready for it. I am super done with going to class, but man am I going to miss college. Enjoy the people you have around. Venture outside of your group that you hang out with all the time. Be friends with the youngins. It takes a few weeks, but some of them are actually pretty cool. But most importantly, pass your classes. Like for real. Don't let it come down to the final.” // Matt Lewis

“Chill out. Yes you need to work hard and study, but you will pass your classes and you will graduate. Don’t get so caught up in classes that you forget to make time with the people you’ve become best friends with over the past few years. Because soon you’ll be two weeks from graduation, and there are some of those friends that you may not see again for a while (still in denial that I may not see some again EVER). Try to make some lasting memories and love your friends well.” // Casey Standridge

Class of 2019, you've left a lasting impact on the BCM. We're praying for you, and we wish you all the best in the years ahead!


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